"The mastery of what is made does not lie in the depths of some impenetrable ego; it lies, instead in the simple mastery of the steps in the process."
The Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander (1979)

This multidisciplinary architectural design studio is an in-house design office under the umbrella of NEWGIZA, was created in Egypt in 2007 by Architect Amr Ghaly. Inspired by the principles of timelessness in Ancient Egyptian architecture, and design elements of old Cairo's glory eras, Ghaly weaves architectural elements of past eras to fit an evolving pattern language of today.

NGDS is the main Consultant for NEWGIZA projects and the design creator of all NEWGIZA residential compound components. Synergies arrive from collaborations with leading players such as Degla CFM for project managment, Earth Consultants in landscape and master planning. Larch for the landscape of NH02, Sites International for the landscape of NH01 and NGU (NEWGIZA University) and Gensler for multi-mixed use area and design of NGU.

Architecture design
Interior design
Tender & Contract Administration

Meet Our Team

"Architecture is an art, Architect is a designer.
NGDS architects is the art of design."
Architect firm Egypt
Amr Ghaly
Chief Design Officer | Bio
Iman Ghaly
Design Director, Vice CDO | Bio
Ahmed Helmy
Design Support Director | Bio
Nabil Abdelhaleem
Project Manager | Bio
Aly Mokhtar
Design Manager | Bio
Yasmine Aboul Naga
Design Manager | Bio
Ahmed Eid
Design Manager | Bio

Our Alliances


Degla CFM has allied with NGDS for project management.

EARTH Consultants

Earth has allied with NGDS for NEWGIZA landscape and master planning.


Gensler has allied with NGDS for the mixed use and NGU concept design.


Sites International has allied with NGDS for the landscape of NGU, NH01.

LARCH Consultants

Larch has allied with NGDS for NEWGIZA NH02 landscape.